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To promote family preservation by providing alternative residential placement for infants and children whose mothers are incarcerated, provide mentors to incarcerated mothers, and to provide reentry assistance to ex-offenders for a successful integration back into the community.



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In the summer of 1999, Wendi Middleton, Director and Founder of Angel’s Wings, was working for Prison Fellowship.  She received a phone call from a frantic volunteer coordinator in Evansville, Indiana who asked for Wendi’s help with an offender at the Vanderburgh County Jail, a 19-year-old girl who was facing two to three years in prison and who was also pregnant.  She desperately wanted to find an organization that would care for her child while she was in prison.

Unfortunately, there was no agency to fill this need.  After prayerful consideration, Wendi and her husband Jeff decided to take the responsibility on themselves. Wendi served as a friend to the mother throughout her pregnancy by visiting her every week, sending “care packages”, and providing support during this very emotional time. At about 4:00 am on February 1, 2000, after a few “snags" at the hospital, Angel finally made her appearance.  Just over 24 hours later, Wendi returned to the hospital to pick up the bundle of joy.  She immediately took Angel to the prison to visit her mother.  Wendi and her husband continued to bring Angel to the prison every week. This continued until September of 2001 when Mom was released from prison.  She came home to live with the Middletons.  They helped her get a car, get a job, and work on a plan to be a successful, responsible member of society.

Working in prison ministry for over 15 years, Wendi understood that there were many other women like Angel’s mother in the prison system and many children who, like Angel, were the forgotten victims of crime.


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