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Our Programs Serve Both the State (taxpayer)

  • Providing alternative placement for children who would normally become a part of the already over-burdened state foster care system.
  • Reducing recidivism by providing support to the offender during incarceration and through her release.
  • Assisting social work departments at the correctional facility with care plans.

And Help the Women (ex-offenders)

  • A mentor to offer support and encouragement throughout pregnancy
  • A loving, nurturing environment where paid and non-paid staff will care for the baby in a family atmosphere
  • Weekly/bi-weekly visits with the child(ren)
  • Aftercare referral information and assistance

Angel's Wings is in the planning process of becoming a licensed child placement agency. Our goal is to train foster parents to give temporary, loving homes to infants and children whose mothers are in prison.


The purpose of Kelli's Kloset is to make an inmate mother's trip to the hospital a special time of bonding with her new baby. We will provide each pregnant offender at the Indiana Women's Prison with a diaper bag containing a brand new outfit, as well as hygiene items to enable mom to dress and bathe her bab. We conduct quarterly in-prison baby showers for these expectant mothers and also provide them with a special gifts of books, paper, and hygiene items.


The period of a parent's incarceration provides an excellent opportunity for positive intervention with families at risk. Mentors for Moms provides supportive, effective, well-trained volunteer mentors to incarcerated mothers. Mentors will be a listening ear to a hushed voice, a gentle guide to assist in life changing decisions and a system of support when setbacks or doubts arise.


AWI volunteers meet with pregnant and/or recently-delivered mothers to provide referral assistance in the area of housing, employment, and emergency needs.